Setting up a Wireless Network in your Home or Office?


Setting up a wireless network in your home can be a daunting task. Modems and routers don’t always come with the most clear and user-friendly instructions, and unless you have a solid understanding of how wireless networks are setup, it can make for a frustrating process.

Various factors can make the process of setting up a wireless network more or less difficult. These include your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and whether or not you are using the ISP provided modem and router. If you are using your own modem and router, you also need to confirm that they are of the right type/speed to deliver the internet speeds for which you are paying.

Other factors to consider while setting up your wireless network are where to put your router in your home in order to achieve as close to uniform signal throughout your home as possible, and additionally whether your home is of a size where wifi extenders may be necessary.

Overall, setting up a wireless network in your home can be a confusing a frustrating experience even for those who have previous experience. Macs on Demand knows all of the ins and outs of home wireless networks, and we would be happy to help you get up and running without the headache. Contact us today for more information!