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What Macs Do My Kids Need for School (Distance Learning)


What types of Mac you should you get? MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air or some other Mac for your course of study.

Selecting a MacBook type depends on what you are studying and how much your budget is. Moreover, in light of nationwide lockdowns in response to the coronavirus, families might be searching for notebooks to assist their homeschooling needs at home.

In such uncertain economic times, getting a brand new Mac might be beyond the budget of many individuals and families alike. Thus, buyers should consider second-hand or refurbished Macs from reliable Macs on Demand.

MacBook Air

If you are searching for a MacBook that is portable and contains a decent battery storage without busting your budget, buying the MacBook Air might be a suitable option. Moreover, if you would like to spend time studying in school without a power adaptor, the MacBook Air might be more appropriate as its battery life can last for around twelve to thirteen hours.

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro will provide you the requisite power and features than the MacBook Air to enhance your student experience. MacBook Pros come in different types with different storage capacities, depending on your individual learning needs. The MacBook Pro model has 256 GB or 512 GB storage capacities and a better quality keyboard.

If your studies require a higher speed laptop, check out the 16in MacBook Pro or the 2.0GHz 13in models. Otherwise, the entry-level MacBook model should suffice to get your school assignments done without any hiccups.

What You Are Studying Might Determine What MacBook You Need

If you are a design student figuring out interface design, illustration and 3D and even freelancing for some clients during your studies, your laptop needs might differ from a student majoring in Finance or International Relations. For example, if you are a design student, you might choose a laptop with a high-resolution display and that has a huge amount of storage. A student majoring in International Relations might not need a laptop with the same specifications.

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