Good Ways To Upgrade Your Mac


Devices can be difficult to upgrade unless you know exactly what you’re doing. You don’t need to run to the Apple store and make an appointment for upgrades. Macs on Demand can handle that for you, quick and cost effectively. A few simple ways to keep your device up to date and running smoothly so your Mac can perform just like it did the day you brought it home.

Upgrade RAM & Storage

After a while, we all start to run out of room on our computers. Files from school projects, pictures and videos from vacations and new software all take up space. If you want to keep all of it, it may be time to upgrade the space on your Mac. You can install new/additional RAM or can consider buying an external hard drive to store extra files on.

Clean Out Unused Files

For the files that you can get rid of, go through and delete anything you haven’t used in a while to clear up space. Macs on Demand can assist you in knowing what you can delete. We can clean up your mac and make it faster for your everyday uses. Oh, don’t forget to clear your cache once in a while and empty your trash.

Upgrade Hard Drive to SSD

If you have an older Mac, getting an solid state drive (SSD) is the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade your computer without buying a brand new one. This will give you much more space and provide your device with a boost of speed. Perfect for late-night YouTube binges and essay writing. Macs on Demand install a new faster internal hard drive. Macs on Demand takes care of it all, including transferring all your data too.