Are you running an unsupported version of Mac OS?


Appleā€™s annual developer conference was this week, and they announced the upcoming release of their newest version of Mac OS: Mojave. Given that Apple only supports the current version of Mac OS, along with the two previous versions, this means that Apple will no longer be supporting their 2015 release: El Capitan.

Currently, about one in every eight Mac users is running El Capitan. Once Mojave is released, all of these users will be running an unsupported operating system. This means that Apple will no longer be running as many updates for El Capitan. They may still put out security related updates if they see a need for it among their users.

If you need help upgrading your operating system to one that will be supported after the release of Mojave, want to find out how to upgrade to Mojave itself, or if you need to update your hardware in order to meet the requirements for an OS upgrade - call us today to find out how we can help!