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Slow Mac? Macs on Demand can help


It’s time to take care of your Mac. You aren’t the only one feeling over-extended during this never-ending pandemic—your Mac is feeling the burn, too.

Internet usage has skyrocketed by 70 percent since many of us started staying home back in March. You’re connected all day long on platforms like Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. Then when you’re done for the day, you queue up Hulu or spend the evening shopping online.

Your computer collects lots of data and files that quickly clog up its system with such frequent use. You also might be picking up some poor computer-hygiene habits along the way. Of course, hackers are watching all of this, too, and just waiting to pounce on vulnerable WiFi connections—and vulnerable people.

Macs on Demand can improve your Macs performance by identifying and troubleshooting the root causes of your computer troubles. We can clear out all the junk from your computer, fix shaky WiFi connections, and free up lots of storage space so your device functions like (almost) new again.

Call Macs on Demand... we are here to help!