We Recover Deleted Data on your Mac


It happens: You’ve accidentally deleted or moved an important file that should never have gone to the trash. We have all done this, you're trying to free up disk space, and then #@%&^!!!

Computer users often assume that by dragging a file or application to the trash they’ve deleted files forever. Even the sound your Mac makes when deleting files from the trash sounds permanent. My personal photos are the ones I’ve often got the most upset about losing ... but wait! Don’t get too upset just yet: all is not necessarily lost.

Macs on Demand is a pro at recovering deleted files on your Mac. Sometimes retrieving some of these files is surprisingly simple, and sometimes it takes extra efforts, but almost always we can save your files from the Trash-Bin grave. The first thing you can do is contact Macs on Demand, we can talk you through a few steps to see where we can begin. Our office is near downtown Bethesda and we can usually get to your computer quickly, even in an emergency turnaround situation.