Floppy Drives, Zip Disc’s, CD’s and Old Hard Drives


I love my current Mac, I even love my old Mac. But I have so much data on so many old devices and external discs. How do I get all the content off these old disks, CD’s, floppies etc and have them in one safe and secure place?

Macs on Demand recommends you keep a complete set on a quality external drive and in the cloud. Let us gather all your external drives and Mac hard drives. Collect all the data, and recover and “lost” items you may have. We can place it all on one secure drive and put a copy in the cloud as well. We can show you how to access a cloud account and how to view your external hard drive and it’s content. We can provide a high quality hard drive too. Don’t loose all those valuable photos, videos and documents. Let Macs on Demand get you organized!