Apple's Newest iMacs - Upgradeable?


At WWDC 2017 last week, Apple announced their new iMac computer. As we have come to expect from Apple the new iMacs are sleek, well designed, and powerful. One major change in this newest iteration of the iMac is your ability to make upgrades to individual components.

Since 2012, Apple has designed the iMac in such a way that the CPU and RAM could not be upgraded. With this newest iteration, though, this is not the case. Due to the inclusion of removable RAM and a modular CPU, it is now possible to remove and upgrade these components.

This is great news for iMac users, as you may not need to wait to upgrade your entire machine to get a boost in speed or performance. That being said, an upgrade of this sort is not particular easy to accomplish. The new iMac is still quite difficult to successfully disassemble, and the changing of RAM or the CPU may be a job for a more savvy professional.

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