iMac to release new iMac soon?


Will Apple switch to AMD processors?

When will Apple release new iMacs? Apple needs to update its iMac and MacPro desktops soon. Oh, don’t forget the iMac mini too. Apple’s last iMac update came back in late 2015 and the MacPro desktop was introduced in late 2013 … Please Apple don’t forget us desktop users! Steve Cook recently announced in an interview that Apple won’t forsake it’s pro and desktop users and has new exciting products coming soon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime Macs onDemand can offer upgrading to existing Macs for any immediate needs. Macs on Demand can speed up your mac and make it more productive for a fraction of the cost of a new mac. Also let us show you how to back up and retrieve your valuable data. Our Mac team is always available to talk to you about … "everything-Mac."