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What is RAM and do I need more for my Mac?


Random-access memory, or RAM, is one of the most important components in all devices, from Macs to smartphones to game consoles. Without RAM, doing just about anything on any system would be much, much slower. On the flip side, not having enough for the application or game you’re trying to run can bring things to a crawl or even prevent them from running at all.

You may notice over time your Mac may seem slower. Upgrading operating systems and installing new Apps can slow down your Mac. Consider adding new RAM to your Mac. If your Mac can handle 32GB of RAM, that’s what we recommend, and we will install it for you. Your operating system, browsers, applications, and mail all gobble up RAM, and often we have many apps open at the same time. Adding RAM can help these apps work faster and more productively.

Call Macs on Demand, we can quickly access your Mac and tell you what amount of RAM your computer has and how much we can add. Get a boost from your Mac and add RAM!