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Mac Won't Turn On? A Few Ways To Fix It


When you press the power button, your MacBook won’t turn on. Your MacBook has a black screen only. What to do now?

Don’t worry! Follow this step-by-step guide to determine what is going on with your MacBook. There is a chance that you can fix your Mac with the help of this guide, even if you don’t consider yourself a technical person.

Macs on Demand is a local specialist, of everything Mac right here in Bethesda/Chevy Chase. It’s our pleasure to share with you practical tips and tactics to fix the Mac not turning on issue.

If your Mac still doesn’t turn on after trying these tips and tactics, you may need professional help to get your Mac back to work. We will discuss your repair options, the services available on the market and how to choose the best services.

  • Check the power connection
  • Unplug all attached external devices
  • Check for a flat battery
  • Perform a power cycle
  • Check for a faulty screen
  • Check for a faulty RAM
  • Check for a faulty trackpad
  • Check for a faulty keyboard
  • Choose MacBook repair services

If all the above attempts fail to fix your Mac, you might consider using a professional Mac repair service such as Macs on Demand.

Call us… we are professionals on everything Mac.