My Mac Seems Slow...What to Do


All computers, devices and phones sooner or later begin to run slower and slower. This can happen to your Mac too. The Mac is a highly-efficient Apple product, but it can start to slow down and become an issue to use over time. If you are a heavy Mac user, this is especially true and you are more likely to experience performance issues.

Your Mac might be running slower due to several issues including:

  • Limited hard drive space available
  • Too many apps/programs running
  • Lots of cache and log files in use
  • Not enough RAM
  • Overloaded browser cache and history
  • High CPU utilization
  • Damage

If you find that your Mac is starting to lag in performance, freeze up, or just act strangely, it’s probably time to optimize it and get it running like it should. Macs On Demand can analyze your Mac, test its performance, and figure out any/all issues that are making your Mac slow.  Give us a call, we will get it up and running fast!