Mac OS Upgrading


It was not long ago when we paid $99 and then $69 for the Mac Operating System. Ever since Apple made its Macintosh operating system free, a new version comes out every fall. It’s nice to have a predictable upgrade schedule, but what’s the best way to upgrade Mac OS?

In my experience starting fresh is the best method. I have often seen account folders migrated through four or five Mac computers spanning more than a dozen years. Convenience is the primary motivation when migrating content to a new Mac or when performing an OS upgrade. With this migration or clickable upgrade, unwanted files, incompatible software and obsolete drivers also make their way to the new system. This system junk often takes up valuable space on the hard drive and can lead to confounding software glitches.

To do a clean Mac OS install, you’ll need to have a bootable Mac OS Installer drive. We used to be able to simply pop a Mac OS X DVD Installer into the optical drive, but this is no longer the case. All new Mac OS Installers starting with Mac OS 10.7 Lion have been distributed through the App Store. Macs on Demand can upgrade all your Macs for you and get rid of all the unneeded junk that takes up space and can cause conflicts.

Give us a call ... we love upgrading and cleaning up macs!