Apple OS Mojave Arrives for Mac


On September 24th, Apple released its newest version of MacOS - Mojave. With this new version comes a host of new features for your Mac. One of the most anticipated features is dark mode, which turns everything from menu bars to app windows darker, which some users find easier on the eyes.

Mojave also introduces dynamic desktops, which makes your desktop lighter or darker to match your actual time of day. In the way of more practical features, Apple has introduced a new feature called Stacks, which cleans up your desktop by grouping files and folders into “stacks” of similar type.

If you take a lot of screenshots on your Mac, you will be happy to hear that the screenshot system has been completely overhauled as well. Also, video screen recordings will now be just as easy to create as snapping a screenshot.

If you’d like some help upgrading your Mac to Mojave, or are having any issues with making the upgrade, call Macs on Demand today!