Mac Mini Revamp?


Could Apple be working on a revamp of the long-neglected Mac mini? Although slightly more niche than some of Apple’s other product lines, the Mac Mini has always been popular. Despite this popularity, Apple hasn’t come out with an updated version in more than three years.

Given its affordability and flexibility, the Mac Mini serves an otherwise underserved segment of Apple consumers. The good news is that Apple confirmed at an event back in April 2017 that the Mac mini is still "an important product" in its lineup.

This gives us reason to expect that a new Mac Mini is on the horizon, and the sooner the better, as the currently available Mac Minis are becoming out of date and increasingly underpowered compared to the rest of Apples computers.

We look forward to an update to one of our favorite Apple product lines in the near future. As always, call Macs on Demand today for all of your Mac needs.