I Love my Mac (Just not Mac Mail)


I hate to say this, but Apple’s mail application is not my favorite. Fortunately, there are a lot of great email clients available for Mac - Apple Mail just doesn’t happen to be one of them. Among complaints about design and overall user experience, Apple Mail also has issues with Gmail-related bugs, and doesn’t support Gmail keyboard shortcuts which can really cut down on the amount of time you spend processing email each day. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives for those of us who want a little more out of our email client of choice.

Airmail is a simple, beautiful email client that integrates with just about every productivity app there is. Postbox is another powerful email client, with some unique features like domain fencing (this prevents you from sending email from the wrong account accidentally). MailPlane is great if you like the Gmail web interface but prefer a native app, and MailMate is an incredibly powerful keyboard-centric email client if you prefer to write in Markdown.

Almost every major Mac software upgrade includes updates and improvements to the Apple Mail app, but it is still far from perfect. Most users tend to stick with Mac Mail because its the default email application that comes with their Mac, but if you’d like to try something new, or if you demand more out of your email client than Apple Mail can offer you, we recommend the applications above: Airmail, Postbox, MailPlane, MailMate.

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