My Mac’s Fan is Loud, Can This be Fixed or Upgraded?


Have you noticed your Mac’s fan running faster, louder, or more often? There are a handful of common causes for this, that with the right diagnosis can be fixed quickly to have your Mac running like new again.

One of the most common reasons for your computer’s fan to run louder is that there is insufficient venting. This is typically caused by a build up of dust and debris in your computer’s vents. Another reason for an overactive fan is using CPU heavy applications that use a very large amount of your CPU’s computing power, causing it to get hot and trigger the fan to run at full speed more frequently.

Another reason your fan could be running more often, or more loudly than normal is that your fan or its accompanying sensor is faulty. With the right knowhow and equipment, all of these issues are able to be fixed. If you are having problems with your Mac’s fan performance, call Macs on Demand today! We can diagnose, clean, repair, or replace any parts that are underperforming.