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Keeping Your Mac Clean


Over time, dust builds up inside of your Mac (and other PC’s). Keep it clean it out and maintain a healthy Mac

The dust that builds up inside your Mac and over time can increase the heat inside, which in turn reduces the life of your hardware by making it work harder. These items can help you keep it clean.

  • A can of compressed air: This allows you to blow out the dust from the various nooks of your Mac.
  • Cleaning cloths: You'll want a few soft cloths for cleaning up dust that's stuck in the case. For best results, use lint-free cloths so they won't leave additional debris. Avoid paper towels, which can leave fibers.
  • A flashlight: Use this to light up the dark corners of your desktop so you can see where dust is hiding.
  • An old toothbrush or cleaning brush: Dirt tends to get clumped up on fans, which are one of the most important areas to clean. Having a brush makes it easier to remove this; try an old toothbrush if you don’t have any small brushes handy.

Macs On Demand is here to help and we can take care of cleanings on all your Mac devices…give us a call!