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Keep your Devices Protected against Hackers and Thieves


Identity theft, malware, and other cybersecurity issues are always a concern in all of our daily technology devices. Criminals target businesses and individuals alike. These hackers and thieves take advantage of the lack of security measures that are being taken to protect our digital systems. More and more we hear from clients concerned about what they can do to secure their computers and accounts to protect against malware, identity theft, and a variety of other threats.

You can do a few things to help safeguard your devices including upgrading your Mac:

  • Make sure you upgrade to the newest available version of OS X
  • Make sure your firewall is active
  • Install antivirus software
  • Fully encrypt your hard disk using the built-in utility

(Macs on Demand can do all these items for you)

These precautions can give you valuable piece of mind when it comes to cybersecurity on your personal computer. If you would like to learn more about additional precautions that can be taken, or if you are concerned that your Mac may have been infected with malware, contact Macs on Demand today!