iCloud Backup Help


For many people, iCloud has revolutionized how they manage their personal files and data. The change from needing physical copies and backups of personal data and photos, to being able to sync all of those files across all of your devices is a significant step up in reliability and convenience for users.

Once a user sets up iCloud on their devices, all of their files are available on all synced devices. This can eliminate the possibility of files being lost through a specific device being damaged, etc.

In order to get the most out of iCloud and all of its functionalities, it must be setup and configured correctly on all devices that you wish to sync. At Macs on Demand, we know that this process is not always intuitive.

If you need help setting up your iCloud account, syncing or setting up multiple devices, or fixing a misconfigured iCloud setup - call Macs on Demand today!