The Bad About Not Keeping Your Mac Desktop "Clean"


Often we procrastinate cleaning our homes, rooms, kitchens - and your computer is no different. Before you know it, files pile up, and your desktop is extremely cluttered. Here's why a cluttered desktop is more detrimental to your productivity than you think:

  • It's distracting. The human brain is in a constant process of image recognition and analysis. Working on your Mac with a plethora of extra objects surrounding your active windows hardly helps you be focused and clear-minded. The fewer objects fall within your sight, the more you can succeed in concentration.
  • It complicates file management. Throwing everything on your desktop is not as convenient as it might seem. At first, it appears easy and handy, but when you reach the point when there’s almost no free space remaining – then challenges arise. A cluttered desktop makes it difficult to quickly identify and locate the file you need. Files and folders of different projects may easily get mixed up, and you’ll never be able to quickly group related items. And, while working with several windows, it’s harder to access anything on a desktop.
  • It slows down your Mac. Each desktop item requires resources to keep its data, draw itself, and stay ready for interactions. Although hardly noticeable, this still adds some extra load to the Mac (and if you’re a happy MacBook owner, “helps” to eat up the battery). The more of everything you have on your desktop, the more your Mac may linger.
  • It obscures your desktop background. This actually speaks for itself. Recall the feeling when you sit down at a nice tidy desk – aesthetic enjoyment inspires your working spirit, and productivity comes naturally. After all, wouldn’t it please you to see your beautiful wallpaper clean from tons of stuff scattered all over your desktop?

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