Data Transfer to your New Mac


New technology is a staple of the holiday season, with new products being released and gifts being exchanged, many people find themselves spending their holiday vacations getting things configured, connected, setup etc. If you give or receive a Mac this holiday season you will probably need to get your new machine up and running and ready to go.

Bring it to Macs on Demand and we can get your data and settings transferred from your old machine over to your shiny and new Mac so you never have to miss a beat. Have iCloud accounts you need synced across devices or important data on your old hard drive that you need backed up or transferred? Don’t risk losing your important data - bring it to Macs on Demand and rest easy knowing your data will be safe and sound on your new Mac.

Whether you have work files, family photos, or your extensive music collection living on your old Mac - Macs on Demand can get them transferred and backed up so that the transition to using your new machine is as seamless as possible.

If you want your new Mac or Apple device to ‘just work’ with all of your old settings and files - bring it to Macs on Demand and we will do the rest!