Battery Replacement for MacBooks


If you have owned your MacBook for a few years, you have probably noticed a slight decrease in your computer’s battery life. MacBook batteries are rated for a limited number of what are called ‘battery cycles.’ A battery cycle is when your computer uses the battery power of one full charge, but this doesn’t have to be all at once, it can be several partial charge uses.

As your cycle count for your battery increases, its performance tends to decrease. Once your battery reaches or exceeds it’s specified cycle limit, it may very well carry on performing well, but Apple estimates that around this limit is when your battery has a higher likelihood of failure.

If your battery fails at any time, whether it is new or well over its estimated limit, you may be able to have it replaced with a brand new one to regain your battery performance. Contact Macs on Demand today to see if your battery can be upgraded or replaced.