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Back up Your Mac


Back up your Mac! Apple provides free 5GB iCloud storage and $0.99/month storage for 50GB, and $2.99 a month for 200GB storage. You should back up all your files, and you should even clone your Mac’s drive. Macs on Demand can clone your drive for you and provide you with an external hard drive for safekeeping. This will ensure all your photos, work files, taxes, etc are kept safely. iCloud storage is a great place to quickly access your files from a phone or computer. If you buy a new phone or computer, you have your iCloud storage to install on your new device.

You may have a Time Machine backup, and that’s great, but if you clone your drive you can copy that clone back to your new Mac to start using your new computer quickly. You won’t need to download or reinstall apps, and you’ll have all the settings you’ve been using on your Mac.

Ask Macs on Demand for help and backups, storage or installation on any Macs! We are here to help.