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Apple’s M3 Macs Are Now More Accessible to Repair


Apple's Mac Computers have had a long history of being complex to repair. Often people felt that upgrading or repairing your Mac had to be done by Apple only.

Macs on Demand can upgrade and repair your Mac, but certain product years were easier than others. Now Apple is again producing the M3 Macs that will have more accessibility and flexibility on upgrading and fixing your Mac. Support documents spotted on Apple’s site said that the Self Service Repair program would expand to include M3 Macs, for those interested in learning about reaping their own Macs. Repair manuals and select tools have already appeared, and on Thursday parts were made available.

This is good news for people wanting to purchase a Mac. This allows people to feel assured they have a larger choice in who can upgrade and repair their Macs. Call Macs on Demand, we can do (almost) anything Mac.