Apple Releases the New iPhone X


The release of a new iPhone may not draw quite as much fanfare and excitement as it once did, but the release of the iPhone X is easily generating more than its fair share of buzz.

This newest release is most certainly a departure from iPhones of the past, with the removal of the fingerprint sensor and home button. These have been replaced by new navigation gestures as well as Appleā€™s new Face ID unlocking system. Apple also went with an OLED display rather than their usual LCD display, and held strong on their decision to go without a headphone jack on new iPhones.

The new design choices on the iPhone will be polarizing, as usual, but it is clear that Apple is making an intentional distinction between the first ten years of the iPhone, and the next ten years. The iPhone X is meant to show us the future of the iPhone, and if this first installment is any indication, the future is bright.

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