Apple announces new event October 30


Apple announced this week that they will be hosting another of their “special events” on October 30. Normally Apple hosts these sorts of events on their campus in Cupertino, but this special event will be held in Brooklyn, New York.

To announce the event, Apple sent out invitations featuring numerous creative interpretations of their logo, along with the tagline: “There’s more in the making.” Other than that, there was precious little in the way of details about what the event would feature.

There has been plenty of speculation regarding possible announcements, ranging from a new line of updated Macs to perhaps a new iPad Pro. There are even some who are making a connection between the event being held at a music academy to a potential announcement relating to AirPods or possibly something new from the Beats Headphones brand.

We look forward to seeing what Apple has in store for the 30th, and as always, Macs on Demand is here for all of your Mac needs. Call today!