Should I get Apple Care for my Mac?


If you are an Apple Customer, you’ve probably heard of AppleCare. AppleCare is kind of like insurance designed to help with coverage for repairing damaged Apple products. You pay a certain amount up front, and Apple will repair your device at heavily discounted rates if it breaks.

That doesn’t mean you get free repairs, though. Accidental damage is heavily discounted, but non-accidental damage (that is, other random hardware failure through no fault of your own) is free to repair as long as you’re covered by the initial warranty or by AppleCare.

Whether AppleCare is worth it depends on two things: what product you have, and how often you tend to break your devices. If you break things fairly often, then you’ll probably save money in the long run by purchasing AppleCare. Otherwise, AppleCare will probably not be worth it.