Can I Uses AirPods with my Mac?


Apple announced the AirPods last fall, I already had Bluetooth earbuds that I used for running that worked quite well so I did not consider the AirPods. The setup is easier than any other headset. The simple reason is that Apple has built a new chip “W1”. This new chip means that your Apple gear will auto discover and setup the AirPods simply by opening the charging case. Macs on Demand can help to understand your Macs compatibility and Bluetooth setup for AirPods and Macs.

They are VERY COMFORTABLE. Unlike most in-ear solutions you only get one size for AirPods. There are no gels for a better fit. However, for me they fit PERFECTLY. Not too big and not too small. They don’t feel loose, they don’t feel tight. They’ve never fallen out of my ears. Also since there is no cord they actually feel lighter than the regular wired EarPods. I forget that I have them in.

Apple has delivery date for the AirPods at 1-2 weeks. Give our team a call with any questions regarding Macs and the Apple universe! (301) 718-0822