New iMacPro is not upgradable: But upcoming MacPro will be


A non-upgradable machine aimed at professional users feels wrong. Professional users may want to configure their machines to their own needs. Plus, when you’re spending a great deal of money on a machine, you want to know that it will serve you well for a long time, and that generally means the ability to upgrade it over time.

But Apple wouldn’t be making a machine that nobody wants. A lot of people absolutely love the iMac form-factor, and that includes a lot of professional users. So do you buy a now available iMac Pro or wait for the new upcoming MacPro that will be upgradable.

The creative and professional users may want to consider the new iMacPro if a 27” inch screen is large enough. The 5K screen is a beauty but I think I need more real estate. The gamers who love Macs may want to wait for the new MacPro so they can enhance graphic cards and alike to max out their gaming needs.

Macs on Demand will be able to upgrade the upcoming Mac Pro’s… so stay tuned!